EG2011 Programme




The EG2011 Conference Programme - final version (booklet version .pdf) (linear version .pdf)






Full Papers

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Short Papers

Areas: Heritage

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Industrial Session:

Wednesday 13th April 1pm, Stream 2:
Understanding POWERVR SGX Graphics Technology.
by Marco Weber, Imagination Technologies

Thursday 14 April 9am, Stream 3:
The Technology behind Water, Hair and Cloth on Tangled.
by Andrew Selle and Dmitriy Pinskiy, Walt Disney Animation Studios




Dirk Bartz Prize


Joint First Prize

The Tumor Therapy Manager and its Clinical Impact

Ivo Rössling, Jana Dornheim, Lars Dornheim, Andreas Boehm, and Bernhard Preim


A Virtual Environment for Radiotherapy Training and Education - VERT

James W. Ward, R. Phillips, Annette Boejen, Cai Grau, Deepak Jois, and Andy W. Beavis


Third Prize

AVM-Explorer: Multi-Volume Visualization of Vascular Structures for Planning of Cerebral AVM Surgery

Florian Weiler, Christian Rieder, C. A. David, C. Wald, and Horst K. Hahn


Honorable Mention

Interactive Visualization Techniques for Neurosurgery Planning

Stefan Diepenbrock, Jörg-Stefan Praßni, Florian Lindemann, Hans-Werner Bothe, and Timo Ropinski


FEMONUM: A Framework for Whole Body Pregnant Woman Modeling from Ante-Natal Imaging Data

Juan Pablo de la Plata Alcalde, Jérémie Anquez, Lazar Bibin, Tamy Boubekeur, Elsa Angelini, and Isabelle Bloch




Information for Speakers and Presenters


We include some information that may be useful when you are creating your presentation for Eurographics 2011. Should you have any specific audio/visual requirements that are unusual and not included here then please email the local chair.


Equipment for speakers


- Data projectors will be available, which can be plugged into your own laptop.

- A standalone computer will be available for presentation, connected to the video projector, with the usual programs used for presentation. This computer will have a spare USB slot that will enable you to bring a USB stick of your presentation.

- The standalone machine will run Microsoft Powerpoint; Adobe Acrobat reader; Web browser; Display images formats (TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPG, etc); Capable of planing popular Movie files and encodings. Should you have any specific requirements (such a specific movie encodings or 3d graphics software) then we suggest you bring your own laptop for your presentation.


Internet access will be available throughout the conference venue for use of all conference attendees and will be available in each presentation room.


We encourage presenters to setup (and try) their presentation during the preceding break. They should make contact with the session Chair to acknowledge their presence and to confirm that their presentation is ready to run.


Powerpoint template and resources for speakers and presenters


For your convenience and information we have created a Powerpoint template for the conference. You are welcome to use this when you are making your presentation. This is located on the resources page, you are welcome to use this material for your presentations and posters that you are creating.


Poster Presentation


Creation of your poster:

- The poster boards are able to take an A0 portrait poster. An A0 landscape poster will not fit on these boards.

- should you wish to use the logos and other resources - then please locate them on the resources page.


When/where to put up your poster:

- Please make sure your poster is fixed to the board by early Tuesday morning and before the welcome session.

-We advice that posters are put up as soon as you arrive for the main conference.

- The poster Presentation Party will be held during the Welcome Reception.

- The Posters will be displayed around the outside of the Hall.

- Please put your poster on the board as indicated by the labels on the boards.

- You will need to stay by your poster through the Poster Party during the Welcome Reception.

- There will be a limited number of power sockets available - thus we advice that if you are coming with a laptop demonstration to support your poster presentation that your laptop battery is fully charged.


When to take down your poster

- Please take your poster down on the Friday, and before the conference ends.