Session A. Chair Andy Day


High Quality tactile paintings

Andreas Reichinger, Stefan Maierhofer, Werner Purgathofer


Multispectral Image Matting of Ancient Chinese Paintings

Jiawan Zhang , Yi Zhang, Shengping Zhang, Lixia Yan


Learning How to Match Fresco Fragments

Funkhouser Thomas, Hijung Shin, Corey Toler-Franklin, Antonio Garcia Castaneda, Benedict Brown, David Dobkin, Szymon Rusinkiewicz


Session B. Chair Roberto Scopigno


Streaming Framework for Seamless Detailed Photo Blending on Massive Point Clouds

Ruggero Pintus, Enrico Gobbetti, Marco Callieri


Relightable Buildings from Images

Francho Melendez, Mashhuda Glencross, Greg ward, Roger Hubbold


Using Procedural Modeling as a Framework for Representing Style: An Example from regency Architecture

Erica Calogero,David Arnold, Nick Tyson, David Morris


Rendering Interior Cultural Heritage Scenes Using Image Based Shooting.

Jassim Happa, Bashford-Rogers Thomas, Kurt Debattista, Alan Chalmers