Architectural Styles Dependent Shape Grammar Representation of Facades

E. Duskova and J. Zara


Four Virtual Reality Simulations for Teaching Earth Sciences

Alejandro Aguilar-Sierra and René Garduño-López


The Langweil Model of Prague - a Challenge for State-of-the-art 3D Reconstruction Techniques

D. Sedlacek and J. Zara


Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage Object Utilizing its Paper Model for Augmented Reality

Zuzana Haladova


Concept of Skeleton Texture Mapping

Martin Madaras


GPU Based On-the-fly Light Emission-absorption Approximation for Direct Multi-volume Rendering

Rostislav Khlebnikov, Bernhard Kainz, Bernhard Roth, Judith Muehl, and Dieter Schmalstieg


Design and Implementation of a System for Interactive Higher Dimensional Vector Field Visualization

Zhenmin Peng, Zhao Geng, and Robert S. Laramee


Application of Active Appearance Model to Automatic Face Replacement

Dinesh Govindaraj


Visual Analysis of Hierarchical Management Data

Zhao Geng, Gaurav Gathania, Robert S.Laramee, and ZhenMin Peng


Synesthetic Sound-Color Cross-Modality in Animations

D. Cai, S. Goto, J. P. Wang, N. Asai, N. Nagata, A. Fukumoto, and J. Kurumizawa


The Worst View for Virtual Museum Presentation

I. Varhanikova and A. Ferko


High Performance Interactive Painting On The GPU

M. Großer and M. Wacker


Visualising Semantic Pathways in Document Collections

C. Rowland and J. Anderson


Improving BVH Ray Tracing Speed Using the AVX Instruction Set

Attila T. Áfra


User Manual on Augmented Reality for Installation and Maintenance of the V-Brakes System of a Mountain Bike

Jorge Martín-Gutiérrez and Manuel Contero


Procedural Generation of Infinite Cities

Jiri Danihelka and Jiri Zara


AA Patterns

Abdalla G. M. Ahmed


LiveLayer – Live Traffic Projection onto Maps

Simon Walton, Min Chen, and David Ebert


From Video to Animated 3D Reconstruction: A Computer Graphics Application for Snooker Skills Training

P. A. Legg, M. L. Parry, D. H. S. Chung, M. R. Jiang, A. Morris, I. W. Griffiths, D. Marshall, and M. Chen


Using a Kinect Interface to Develop an Interactive 3D Tabletop Display

Llyr ap Cenydd, Chris J. Hughes, Rick Walker, and Jonathan C. Roberts


Image-based Retexturing of Deformed Surfaces from a Single Image

A. Hilsmann, D. C. Schneider, and P. Eisert


Accelerated 5D Ray Tree construction on the GPU

Ravi P. Kammaje and Benjamin Mora


Using Visualisation Techniques and Molecular Dynamics to Study Atoms Diffusing in Glass

E. Flikkema, Z. Zhou, and G. N. Greaves


Methodologies for Connected Structured Idealized Ice Crystal Growth Models

Yousef El-Alem and Jonathan C. Roberts