SP1 Deforming

Wednesday 9:00-10:30


Feature-Based Mesh Editing

Qingnan Zhou, Tino Weinkauf, Olga Sorkine


Volumetric plastic deformation

Francisco J. R. Prados, Alejandro J. León Salas, Juan Carlos Torres


Collision-Driven Volumetric Deformation on the GPU

Garrett Aldrich, Dmitriy Pinskiy, Bernd Hamann


SP2 Light, Shadow, and the Eye

Wednesday 11:00-12:30


An Error Bound for Decoupled Visibility with Application to Relighting

Karsten Schwenk, Johannes Behr, Dieter Fellner


Separable Approximation of Ambient Occlusion

Jing Huang, Tamy Boubekeur , Tobias Ritschel, Matthias Holländer, Elmar Eisemann


Improving Shadow Map Filtering with Statistical Analysis

Jesus Gumbau, László Szirmay-Kalos, Mateu Sbert, Miguel Chover Sellés


Realistic Simulation of the Human Vision Using An Accurate Eye Model

Jiaze Wu, Changwen Zheng, Xiaohui Hu, Fanjiang Xu


SP3 Reconstructing

Thursday 9:00-10:30


Efficient Feature-preserving Local Projection Operator for Geometry Reconstruction

Bin Liao, Chunxia Xiao, Liqiang Jin


Reconstructing Buildings as Textured Low Poly Meshes from Point Clouds and Images

Irene Reisner-Kollmann, Christian Luksch, Michael Schwärzler


Folded Paper Geometry from 2D Pattern and 3D Contour

Damien Rohmer, Marie-Paule Cani, Stefanie Hahmann, Boris Thibert


SP4 Motion, video and streams

Thursday 11:00-12:30


Warp-based motion compensation for endoscopic kymography

David C. Schneider, Anna Hilsmann, Peter Eisert


Motion Capture Data Completion and Denoising by Singular Value Thresholding

Ranch Y.Q. Lai, Pong Chi Yuen, Kelvin K.W. Lee


Skimming Video Action Using Annotated 3D Surfaces

Ben Falchuk, Chung-Ying Wu, Tarek El-Gaaly, Akshay Vashist


Automatic Stream Surface Seeding

Matt Edmunds, Tony McLoughlin, Robert S. Laramee, Guoning, Eugene, Nelson Max


SP5 Simulation on the GPU and textures

Thursday 14:00-15:30


Fast Hydraulic and Thermal Erosion on GPU

Balázs Jákó, Balázs Tóth


Crystal Scattering Simulation for PET on the GPU

Milán Magdics, László Szirmay-Kalos


Alpha Compression with Variable Data Formats

Yifei Jiang, Mindan Gui, Shuai Chen, Weiwu Hu


Enhancing Image-Based Aging Approaches

Olivier Clément, Eric Paquette