EG 2011 Welsh Dragon

Welsh Flag The Red Dragon, Y Ddraig Goch, is the famous emblem of Wales and appears on the national flag. On the occasion of the first ever visit of the Eurographics conference to this country we are pleased to release this high resolution 3D mesh of  the Welsh Dragon into the public domain for use in your research.  Our hope is that you will use this model during the conference to help demonstrate you latest research ideas. If used in any publications, please acknowledge "The Welsh Dragon mesh model was released by Bangor University, UK, for Eurographics 2011".

The Welsh Dragon is the cousin of the Phlegmatic Dragon, that was released to the community at EG 2007 in Prague.


Acquisition Process

The original model (right) was scanned using a Perception V5 Laser scanner mounted in an Infinite Portable Mearsuring Arm. This combination supports:
  • Rotation of the scanning arm through seven principal axes allowing access to difficult-to-reach details.
  • Data cloud cloud collection at 458,000 points per second.
  • Laser bandwidth of 150mm.
  • Acuracy of +/- 0.024mm.
The scanning was carried out by CAM Innovation Centre, at Coleg Menai, in Bangor Wales.

Original Model




Snapshot of rendered mesh

The point cloud has been transformed into the STL File format,
and the Stanford Polygon File format for your convenience.
The mesh contains:

  • 1,105,352 vertices
  • 2,210,673 faces


welsh-dragon.stl (107,944 KBytes)

welsh-dragon.ply (binary encoding, 49,019 KBytes)



We would like to thank Gareth Hughes, David Robinson and Dyfan Searell of CAM for their hard work in scanning the Welsh Dragon.